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Appartment renovation in Lisbon

Duplex appartment in a 1950s modern architecture building.

In January 2022, work was started on the rehabilitation of a duplex flat, corresponding to one of the four that occupy the last two floors of the building. The building is part of the so-called Bairro das Estacas, composed of blocks of residential buildings that are parallel to each other but perpendicular to the road axis, based on pilotis, which allow pedestrian circulation between the green spaces surrounding the buildings.

"Built in the 1950s, designed by the architects Ruy Athouguia and Sebastião Formosinho Sanches, it was commissioned by Lisbon town hall and awarded a prize at the São Paulo Biennale and the Municipal Architecture Prize in 1954 for breaking with the traditional architectural model of the Estado Novo and becoming a reference of the modern architecture movement, with rationalist strokes that applied the principles of modern urbanism established in the Athens Charter (1933)."

Over time, changes were made that architecturally distorted the building, namely the balconies were gazed, the concrete grill that covered the kitchen doorway was removed and replaced by a glazed masonry work, and a shed in Lusalite sheeting was built over the balcony on the top floor.

The intervention

The design foresees the requalification of the building's elevation with the replacement of the kitchen grill that was suppressed, the open balconies that were made amarquized and the flat roof without the shed, according to the original plan. The flush casement windows are changed to door windows in the bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen. This change is hidden by the masonry panels of the balconies and the concrete kitchen grill, and allows a more fluid circulation between the inside and outside. On level 4, the bathroom is divided into two spaces with independent access, with a shower and two washbasins in one of the spaces, and a toilet and a washbasin in the other. On floor 3, a new toilet is created with a toilet and a washbasin and the kitchen is modernized. The interior staircase is redesigned and "detached" from the living room walls. The flooring of the living room, bedrooms and circulation areas in wooden parquet will be recovered and extended to the whole house.

Duarte Palma Rato, Arch.

Work in progress, 2022

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